Labour & SOEs

Analysis of the State-owned Enterprises Chapter

Professor Jane Kelsey, USA (7 August 2016).
17 – SOE – Application – Jurisdiction – Core Rules – Barriers – Obligations and Oversight

Two New Reports Show Trans-Pacific Partnership has Major Agricultural, Labor and Environmental Deficiencies

National Farmers Union, USA (4 December 2015).
[Extract] Several major deficiencies in the Trans-Pacific Partnership pact (TPP) – including failure to address currency manipulation or set in place adequate labor and environmental standards – are clear evidence that passage of this pact would hurt American food processors, family farmers and ranchers, while also posing serious threats to U.S. domestic beef production and prices, according to two advisory reports submitted this week.

  • Minority Report to the Agricultural Policy Advisory Committee for Trade (APAC)
  • Minority Report from the Animal and Animal Products Agricultural Technical Advisory Committee for Trade (ATAC)

TPP Labour Chapter Scorecard: Fundamental Issues Remain Unaddressed

International Trade Union Confederation (27 November 2015).
19 – ILO – Conditions of Work – Derogation – Enforcement – Migrant Workes – Corporate Accountability – Investor-State (ISDS)

“While acknowledging minor reforms, the TPP labour chapter will not prove to be an effective mechanism to guarantee the full enjoyment of fundamental labour rights and workplace standards…This document focuses on the major issues raised by the trade unions, their proposals and the final TPP text. In each case, the new TPP text fails to fully address the unions’ concerns. In referring to pre-TPP FTAs, we here refer to the US-Peru FTA, on which the TPP labour chapter is based.”